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Contract Development and Design services.

Xen Biofluidx Inc is a seasoned research and assay development team with over 65 years of combined assay development experience! For the last five years we have been providing contract design and development services to the life science and diagnostics community, with a focus on assay development, surface chemistry, and antibody engineering. We collaborate with leading scientists around the world to transform biomarker discoveries into reliable tools for the diagnosis and prevention of disease.

Xen Biofluidx has an integrated product development approach: from protein expression, antibody development, surface and conjugation chemistry to a fully developed diagnostic test. We are also well versed in the practice of stabilizing biological reagents through formulation and lyophilization often required for assay integration. The company holds several proprietary, patent pending technologies that are unique to the point-of-care detection of biomolecules present in blood and other biological fluids at very low levels.

Proprietary Point-Of-Care System

Xen Biofluidx is proud to announce first-in-class Time Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) platform suitable for point-of-care use. Xen Biofluidx has developed a high sensitivity point-of-care in-vitro diagnostic platform consisting of a proprietary TRF label, a one-step cartridge and a proprietary TRF instrument. At the core of this platform technology is a novel highly sensitive, patent pending label, developed by Xen Biofluidx. Once excited, this label emits light over 500 microseconds. This allows one to illuminate it; turn off the light and then detect it in darkness. Any light detected must come from the label and not from the background. In addition it exhibits low non-specific binding due to its proprietary surface coating and is extremely bright due to harboring millions of dye molecules per single label. For these reasons, the label has very low background signal and very high signal-to-noise ratios allowing detection of molecules present in biological fluids at very low levels. 

Xen Bioflduix developed the next generation of high sensitivity, high precision Point-of-Care (POC) platform. This new POC system will be a strong contender in the existing $18B market. The system will enable immediate decision-making in several disease states currently unmet by the existing POC systems. The system will be used in multiple POC situations such as: Ambulance (cTnI, heart attack), Surgery (intraoperative Parathyroid hormone (PTH)), Doctor’s office (high precision Hemoglobin A1c) and other POC needs.
The system provides high sensitivity results, is easy to use, is robust and reliable, and delivers equivalent or better results than the hospital laboratory analyzers with low cost of goods.


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